Orlando Villa

Orlando, “The City Beautiful”, was the most visited city in the U.S. in 2009. The city averages 51 million tourists every year. There are several reasons for the popularity of the city as a tourist destination. Orlando is indeed the theme park capital of the world, with some of the biggest theme parks being located here. These include the Walt Disney World Resort, the Universal Orlando Resort made up of 2 parks namely the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida and other attractions like City Walk, Kennedy Space Center, SeaWorld, Wet ‘n Wild Water Park, and Gatorland.

If you are a visitor in the city, one of the best accommodation options is an Orlando villa. Staying in a villa in the city has many benefits, among them:

1)      One of the greatest advantages of staying in a villa in Orlando is the fact that you get to prepare your own meals. Almost all villas in the city have spacious family kitchens. Being able to cook for yourself is advantageous in that you will save a lot of money. Food prices in Orlando restaurants are very expensive. A family can spend $200 a day easy on snacks and restaurant meals. This translates to about $3000 in food over a two-week vacation. Cooking for yourself in an Orlando villa is also advantageous in that you will cook exactly what you want and you will eat whenever you want.

2)      Staying in an Orlando villa is fun. This is because you will have a lot more space to do as you please. The children get to play around just like they would at home, something that they cannot do in hotel rooms. It is more fun for relatives or friends to stay under one roof.

3)      Staying in a villa gives you more privacy than staying in a hotel room. This is because the different persons in the party will have their rooms. The privacy is also because you will be the only ones in the compound. You could even walk naked around the house if it is only you and your spouse.

4)      You could actually save money in an Orlando villa. If you are a big family or a big group, the members of the party could share rooms and some could even drop mattresses. In hotel rooms, you have to pay for every member of the party.

5)      Most Orlando villas have amenities that are not present in Orlando hotels. As an example, most of these villas have private pools. Others are BBQ areas, gyms, theatre rooms, and game rooms.

6)      You are more able to relax in an Orlando villa as opposed to a hotel. This is because there will be no disturbance.

7)      You will have sufficient space to put your suitcases and other luggage in an Orlando villa. Hotel rooms are usually confined and you will keep tripping over the suitcases.

8)      If you have kids, you will be provided with a cot and a highchair in most villas in Orlando.

Hotels tend to make people homesick since they are so impersonal, but this is not the case with an Orlando villa since villas are designed to replicate the home setting.