Australian Outback, Alice Springs


If you enjoy the natural beauty of the land take a Safari tour to the Tjuta or Ayers Rock and spend time in the beautiful surroundings of this natural Australia. The tourist attraction in the interior of Austria which is Alice Springs began as Stuart. This now, flourishing city was once a small telegraph station, the communication between Darwin and Adelaide. At one point in time Cameleers plowed across the desert with supplies opening up a means for survival for the pioneers that wanted to settle in Australia’s interior.

Alice Springs is a beautiful desert playground sitting in the middle of the Australian Outback. This vast, rocky desert region the sun paints at its leisure is a wide land of brush, caverns and imagination. The surface water is not heavy but the under ground is filled with water tables, allowing the town to flourish.

This desert area is a great place for hiking, camping and exploration; stopping at the desert park may be wise to get a little info on the wild life that lives on this wide mass of ocean sky. This land took years to cultivate yet it still holds an untamed element about it.
The population has increased with tourism getting heavier each year. The land is a little far from the major cities but it is still readily accessible. The original inhabitants of this desert were the Aboriginal Arrernte and is still inhabited by these historical people.

MacDougal range reflects the many colors of the suns hew. Watch as the Sun’s reds and blues change on the surface of the desert. The coloring and the heat can be so intense the landscape can look completely flat at certain times of the day. See the watering hole Helen Gorge, or the unique chambers Pillar, these are only a few of the natural land formations you will find in Alice Springs.

There are fine hotels, restaurants with all of the amenities a tourist is searching for. Try cuisine native to the vicinity, cooked the way Australians eat. Alice Springs is a nature lover’s paradise, filled with spectacular natural wildlife living only in this part of the world. Getting to this special eco system may not be for the less bold hearted but for the few who are unafraid of a challenge this is a holiday of a lifetime. The natural wonder of the land is enough reason for a visit, the people and the exploration gives plenty more.