Jungle Tours in Peru

Peru is a very diverse country and near many cultural treasures of nature is breathtaking. Well worth it to the Amazon jungle with a visit to worship. Sixty percent of Peru is covered with forests of the Amazon, which covers nine different countries. These forests are in very many ways vital to humans and the environment but they also include threatened by illegal logging, mining and oil burning for agriculture. More and more areas are now protected and there are always new nature reserves.

Peru is the ideal country to visit the tropical rain forests since by the Andes Mountains the upper stream of the Amazon protected, there is a case of many large areas with truly unspoilt nature. The diversity of plants and animals is overwhelming and you have a great chance to see many animals. The second longest river in the world, the Amazon, rises in Peru after 6868 km and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. A multi-day visit to this beautiful lush area is unforgettable.

Northern Amazon
The largest jungle city of Iquitos Peru is simply that, completely surrounded by jungle, located in northern Peru. This is a starting point for many tours. Iquitos is accessible by road and if you’re a jungle tour in the northern part of the Amazon to do, you have a choice between the aircraft or boats, the rivers through which you achieve your goals. Any travel agency offers tours to Iquitos with one or more nights in one of the many jungle lodges. Not only travel agents trying to sell you a tour, many people who accost you at the airport already. In the city itself, offer trips to many people on the street. They are driven by many travel agencies and get commission so it’s always reliable, but certainly cheaper to engage alone in a travel agency to make a choice. The choice of various lodges or tented camps, even cruises is enormous both on site and via the Internet.
If you’re still in Iquitos, you can visit the Iron House (Casa de Fierro), designed by none other than Gustav Eiffel … .. yes, the man of the Eiffel Tower. The house was a design for the World of 1898, but was a wealthy rubber baron in Paris moved to Iquitos, where on one corner of the Plaza des Armas was built. On the first floor you can enjoy a drink and the square.

Southern Amazon
The southern part of the Amazon is almost always visited from Cuzco. As in Cuzco Iquitos are also several excursions to the jungle area organized. The two largest reserves are the Tambopata National Reserve and Manu National Park, but there are still many smaller reserves, almost all have different lodges or tented camps. In this jungle area are two airports. It Aldamiz Padre International Airport to Puerto Maldonado and a chiselled strip in the jungle at Boca Manu. Depending on your choice you can take a flight from Cuzco to your destination. In either case, it is only a short flight of about half hour. The plot of Boca Manu is the most spectacular as a wooden hut, covered with thatched roof, is doing as a terminal.
The cases are (like you) weighed on scales and then people put in a wheelbarrow, waiting for the short ride to the unit, obviously a small plane.Sometimes by the incoming cold fronts would be too foggy and in that case can not be flown to and from the field. In that case, you should at your own expense if you also book a night in the jungle is. Please give them back the next day or fly. A fun alternative that is offered in this southern part is journeyed by land, obviously a longer term issue, but certainly worth the effort.

What is the best time for the jungle?
Although in a tropical rainforest can always raining, there is still one of dry and wet season. There are also slight differences between the jungle in the north and the south but in general the wet season from November to April and the dry period from May to October. Temperatures in the north are on average around 32 degrees Celsius while 3000 mm rainfall per year. In the south, average temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius (30 degrees foothills of daytime to 10 degrees at night) and there is about 5000 mm rain per year. Temperatures in the south are strongly influenced by the “friajes” cold fronts in the ocean, which can reduce the temperature to about 15 degrees Celsius. The various lodges can be visited all year round but dry season is still the best time because you then can more easily move through the jungle. It is also the period in which Peru itself can therefore best visited between May and October are the best.

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