Top gangster movies

A prophet (Le prophete)

“Le Prophète” is an excellent prison movie directed by the famous Jacques Audiard. An impressive work with a gloomy atmosphere, frequent almost documentary scenes which narrate the development of the young offender in the calculated and the experienced mobster. Excellent acting in combination with excellent directing, a set design and dedication to detail were reflected in the way that a man can fully immerse in the movie that looks like a documentary. The team really put in effort for the stunts, advisers got an ex-con to make it look authentic. Throughout the film, we have several stories in addition to the main, a lot of detailed characterisation of many of the characters, not just the central. This is a really true psychological drama that draws its interest from the complexity of the characters, their relationships, and struggle with their own moral values and history. Although it goes for more than 2 and a half hour it isn’t boring or tiring in any way. It is hard to watch because of its depression, a lot of complex actions and interpersonal mafia relationships, but then you always wonder what will happen next. It should be noted that the film has quite a few scenes of brutal violence and those with weaker stomachs or totally young should avoid it.

Boyz n the hood

Singleton is touched by almost all problems affecting African-Americans in America, but the real power of this film is the performance of the main actors. In his first role Cuba Gooding Jr. did not allow Treto be portrayed as a mama’s boy, while Ice Cube added a touch of nobility and the tragedy of a young man who is aware that he is doomed to failure. Social themes are present in every scene, but Singleton is very skilfully not wasting time on ideals. Although the “Boyz N The Hood” is strongly engaged on the social level, it does not preach about the possibility of prosperity and progress, not even highlighting the importance of education which is at the centre of the story. Singleton encourages non violence and openly condemn the happenings in the ghetto, but remains firmly on the ground, as he is more interested in what it is rather then what could be, despite the movie slogan being “Increase the Peace”.

The Departed

Scorsese has added another masterpiece to his portfolio. The Departed is one of the best movies this directorial genius has done since Goodfellas. The directing is flawless, 100% true to the story that is very brutal with no scene being superfluous. All the actors excel,with an emphasis on the legendary Jack Nicholson and DiCaprio. The visual part is not the only one that is flawless;the music is so well-adapted to the story that is almost unbelievable. The Departed is probably the best remake ever made!


The godfather is about a group of American-Italians who are fighting for their place under the sun. However it seems that their struggle is far from simple. If we let common Italian macho talk, we will see that this story has nothing to do with organised crime instead it is about the survival of a group of people with different characters who have come together in the same world. Why this film is regularly voted one of the best films of all time and why has it united many film fans all around the world? The simple answer is just that in this film, each member of the film crew did a great job from beginning to end. What’s also great about this movie is Brando’s resurrection into the world of film and Pacino’s full affirmation. But all of them can thank the man, without whom this film would not be what it is, none other than Coppola. This hippie beast gave this film grace, personality and uniqueness as requested. The fact is that this is the first movie where the mafia is presented as an organisation that is very similar to the family, not a bloodthirsty organisation. That is the message of the film: The Family is the most important! In the end, this movie is about family, crime, respect, love, and accidents or simply the Godfather.


Scorsese’s vision of the true story of one of the key figures in 1960’s and 1970’s New York criminal underground. An epic film about the mobster who testified against his partner in crime is not only one of the best films of the 90’s, but of all time. Patiently following the rise of a gangster, the legendary filmmaker ruthlessly dissects all layers of society and shows the mob organisation without any adornment and false enthusiasm. Unlike most films that deal with clips from characters life, Scorsese captures the monumental force and manages in the seemingly impossible intention: to portray the life of a gangster from the beginning to almost the end, from the introductory meetings that resemble first love to bitter disappointments as it can only bring an affiliation to mafia organisation.