Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – A Musical Genius

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, otherwise just referred to as Mozart, is one of the most famous musician / composers of all time.

Mozart was a composer in the Classical Era which took place in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. He composed over 600 works of music in his lifetime which included operas and religious pieces such as his “Requiem Mass in D Minor” which was unfinished at the time of his death.

One of his most famous operas was “The Marriage of Figaro” which was a comedy that made fun of the aristocracy. Because of it’s content, it was banned in Vienna. Despite this banning, “The Marriage of Figaro” is still popular today and is still put on in famous opera houses throughout the world.

Mozart was also a child prodigy, since he composed his first work at the age of 8, and continued to compose throughout his pre-teen and teenage years. He is widely known as the most famous child prodigy of all time, partly due to the fact that his fame grew as his life progressed.

He died at age 35 from complications due to a fever. He was buried in a commoner’s grave because he was notorious for spending his money as fast as he earned it. Despite this sad ending to Mozart’s life, his fame still endures today.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical genius whose legacy still is maintained in this day and age. He and his works will probably be remembered forever.