Jungle Tours in Peru

Peru is a very diverse country and near many cultural treasures of nature is breathtaking. Well worth it to the Amazon jungle with a visit to worship. Sixty percent of Peru is covered with forests of the Amazon, which covers nine different countries. These forests are in very many ways vital to humans and the environment but they also include threatened by illegal logging, mining and oil burning for agriculture. More and more areas are now protected and there are always new nature reserves.

Peru is the ideal country to visit the tropical rain forests since by the Andes Mountains the upper stream of the Amazon protected, there is a case of many large areas with truly unspoilt nature. The diversity of plants and animals is overwhelming and you have a great chance to see many animals. The second longest river in the world, the Amazon, rises in Peru after 6868 km and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. A multi-day visit to this beautiful lush area is unforgettable.

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