Little Black Dress

There is no woman who doesn’t look perfect in a little black dress, and each has her favorite. It is the perfect remedy for the situations when we, beside a full closet, have nothing to wear, and its popularity is big that we take it for granted. But someone had to invent it? We’re bringing you the brief history of little black dress.

The little black dress, a must have women’s dress has become the perfect dress for an elegant look. It may be monochromatic, but it has an extensively colorful history. Tracing throughout the history to discover its roots can be difficult; however one recorded data says that it was mainly worn by ladies when attending funerals in the early 1920’s. During this period, this classical dress was not interpreted for delivering elegance to women who wore it. This however changed with a particular issue of Vogue magazine which had an article written by a designer by the name of Coco Channel. This designer had presented a little black dress in certain design; afterwards, this dress began to become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

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