Top gangster movies

A prophet (Le prophete)

“Le Prophète” is an excellent prison movie directed by the famous Jacques Audiard. An impressive work with a gloomy atmosphere, frequent almost documentary scenes which narrate the development of the young offender in the calculated and the experienced mobster. Excellent acting in combination with excellent directing, a set design and dedication to detail were reflected in the way that a man can fully immerse in the movie that looks like a documentary. The team really put in effort for the stunts, advisers got an ex-con to make it look authentic. Throughout the film, we have several stories in addition to the main, a lot of detailed characterisation of many of the characters, not just the central. This is a really true psychological drama that draws its interest from the complexity of the characters, their relationships, and struggle with their own moral values and history. Although it goes for more than 2 and a half hour it isn’t boring or tiring in any way. It is hard to watch because of its depression, a lot of complex actions and interpersonal mafia relationships, but then you always wonder what will happen next. It should be noted that the film has quite a few scenes of brutal violence and those with weaker stomachs or totally young should avoid it.

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